The Beautiful Zhao Mei

When visiting the Panda Base, you can often see the giant panda Zhao Mei off by herself. Zhao Mei is a unique panda with a gentle temperament, and a beautiful and round profile. Her beauty lies between her distinct colors of black and white, and her behavior which is a mixture of either being very active and or very lazy. Let's enjoy the unique beauty of Zhao Mei.

Zhao Mei has a flat head with a wide face and is very recognizable
Zhao Mei has a very cautious character and a particularly strong sense of vigilance.

Faced with the noise outside, Zhao Mei ‘looks shocked’

Zhao Mei: Let's find a quiet corner
 When she is not disturbed, Zhao Mei does what she likes.

Walking on a log bridge

Zhao Mei  enjoys bamboo shoots in a beautiful setting

Nestled in the rockery, hair in a daze
More often Zhao Mei will choose to rest in a tree, perhaps for the timid Zhao Mei, resting in a tree gives her more of a sense of security.

Take a leisurely look at the scenery
 When you pay more attention to Zhao Mei,and try to understand her, you will find that there is a gentle heart hidden under her beautiful appearance. Maybe, you will become one of her fans too!