Then inclusiveness of beauty and strength of biodiversity makes the life of mankind grows ceaselessly. Now, the highly advanced development of human society and excessive consumption of resources make the biodiversity unprecedentedly deteriorated.

The protection of rare and endangered species is an indispensable part for biodiversity conservation. Rare and endangered species is a precious, irreplaceable and reproducible natural resource, playing an impotent role in maintaining ecological balance, promoting economic development, satisfying people’s ever-growing material and cultural needs, developing external relationship and improving socialist spiritual civilization, etc.

In line with the tenet of “facilitating the ex-situ and in-situ conservations of giant panda and rare and endangered animals and pushing forward the sustainable development of wildlife protection”, Chengdu Giant Panda Breading Research Foundation especially established the long-term public science popularization education - "Panda Class". The giant panda is known as the most representative animal among endangered species, therefore, through the dissemination of scientific knowledge of “giantpanda protection”, the scientific knowledge of other animals (like golden money and red panda) and plants living and growing in the giant panda reserves will also be publicized through the “Panda Lecture”.

The “Panda Class”, by the means of collective activity, carries out environmental education activity outside campus in an organized way, aiming at enhancing students’ awareness on caring for the environment and animal and plant resources through the environmental education activity and improving people’s consciousness of rare and endangered animal protection by involving the family and community and reducing the wreaking havoc on and impact on natural resources due to human activities.

Taiwan Session

Purpose:Base on the concept of protecting nature,this event has launched cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation in the areas of ecological civilization to build an ecological homeland hand in hand.

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Lushan Session

Purpose: to popularize the protecting of Giant Panda and other wild rare endangered animals and to increase awareness of teenagers to protect environment and animals

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