Giant panda, as the natural treasure of China, brings people happiness and the feeling of returning to nature due to its particular beauty and demeanors. Thus, protecting the giant panda becomes a necessity for harmonious coexistence between human and nature and sustainable development and a common aspiration of the people of the world.

Chinese government has always been focusing on the giant panda protection works and is committed to creating environment and conditions for giant panda protection. In 1987, under the approval of Sichuan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation (public offering foundation) was founded. Thereafter, the foundation has been greatly supporting and eagerly funding by famous foreign and domestic enterprise and wildlife protection organization. The funds collected since the establishment of the foundation have been fully used for funding the giant panda research and protection works. In the past two decades, the science and technology programs funded by the foundation have made major breakthroughs and fruitful achievements in the fields of giant panda’s survival and breeding.

Giant panda and rare and endangered animal protection is a long-lasting, great and arduous social undertaking. More works are to be done with our Chinese people and world’s people’s common concern and support.

We hereby call on all sectors of society and far-sighted personage to pay close attention to the cute but endangered giant panda. Extend your hands, show your loves and offer your donations to Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation proactively, so that more giant panda breeding and protection programs can be funded. If every one of us can do your best on protecting giant panda and other endangered animals and let them live with us, the world will become a happier and better place.

Let’s join hands together to protect the common wealth of mankind – giant panda. We are expecting your participation and looking forward to your support and funding for the undertaking of giant panda breeding and protection.

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