A domineering Mao Dou

Mao Dou, who has all sorts of cool names, was born in 2016.Heis a giant panda with a slightly domineering personality. Mao Dou's eyes are dark and large, and they are quite deterrent. His sharp and cold eyes often reveal a trace of majesty, and he looks like a "dominant president" in every move. Now, please follow the author to get to know this domineering panda!
 Mao Dou also uses the most "cool" posture to show his unique temperament when enjoying a bamboo shoot.
Mao Dou: Today's bamboo shoots are extraordinarily crisp! Treat me to feast! 
During the "dining" interval, Mao Dou sometimes showed his deep-thinking side, with firm eyes and a serious expression, as if he were a sober bystander in this chaotic world.
Mao Dou: Looking at the world with a cold eye, all "bears" are "drunk" and I wake up alone. 
When resting on the perch, Mao Dou's unrestrained sleeping posture is impressive.
Mao Dou likes to lay on his back on the perch 
Willful sleeping position 
In his free time, Mao Dou will quietly look at the surrounding scenery alone.
Mao Dou: The sky is very cleartoday, the clouds are very light, and the wind is very light. 
Although giant pandas have a cute appearance and a cute temperament, they are in fact animalswith strong bites and combat effectiveness. Knowing Mao Dou, do you feel he is domineering?