"Panda Class" 2019 National Day Special Event-With Giant Pandas to Celebrate the National Day


During the National Day in 2019, all Chinese people, at home and abroad, came to celebrate the country's 70-year-old birthday, and witnessed the prosperity of the new China from a developing nation to a world superpower. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China, we called attention to our national treasure, the giant panda,at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. At the Panda Base it was full of the warm atmosphere of Chinese red and the laughter of people. During this patriotic holiday, the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Foundation hadconducted the "Panda Class" 2019 National Day special event and the "Panda Gallery" painting activities for our tourists.


The Warm and Packed Classroom



The Educators’Brilliant Performances


The children actively answered questions during the class.


Q & A


During theprocess of “Panda Class”,we prepared exquisite gifts foraudiences from all over the world. However, the gifts were randomly selected by Lucky Draw Software.


Alucky kid came on stage to choose their lucky number.


The lucky participants received the gifts from our foundation.


In addition to the "Panda Class", our "Panda Gallery" painting activities were also in progress at the same time!


Tourists visited the gallery of photographs of giant pandas.


Foreigners praisedthe photographsall the time.


We had a fund-raising station in the gallery area, countless lovely people haddonated to help the giant pandas!



“Wehaddonated money to giant pandas!”


In the gallery area, the most popular thing was painting activities!






A Little Painter


One of our "Big" Friends


According to statistics, during the National Day holidays, there were 4,270 participants in the "Panda Class" and 989 in the "Panda Gallery" painting activities.